Funds are not sufficient, in this scenario, based on the facts presented, it is reasonable to assess that the source of funds is not reliable/unpredictable for long-term support based on the information provided. Despite the presentation and motivation of the request, I am not convinced that the combination of schooling, relocation and costs, regardless of their affordability, will contribute to the advancement of the applicant’s career in a way significant equal to what is planned to achieve the objective. Especially when a similar course could be followed in the country of origin with much lower requirements. It is not clearly explained how this program will benefit the applicant.


Below you will find the new explanatory letter whose request was approved following a second attempt. In this article, I present to you a model of an explanatory letter given by an Enloja subscriber, whose request was approved on June 10, 2022.

Processing time: April 28 to June 10, 2022 (about 45 days)


To Service Managers
Visa Offices
Canadian Embassy

For the attention of the Analysis of Visa applications.

Subject: Explanatory Letter / Study Permit Application.

Madam / Sir Consul,

Following my second admission to the Cégep de Sherbrooke in DEC 410. Business Management, I have the honor to request from your administration a study permit allowing me to begin technical training in Business Management from August 22, 2022 as of May 31, 2025.

Convinced of the interest I have in this training and given the importance that such an initiative requires in my workplace, my passion for studies in business management technique is motivated by an essential element that I face daily in my professional career. Since March 2016 to the present day when I joined the XXXX team, I have a passion for trade, this program unfortunately not offered in Haiti, will allow me to acquire essential skills in trade such as: Marketing products and services ; Create advertising plans and promotional materials; Develop marketing strategies and marketing plans; Take charge of supplies; Manage inventory of goods; Make budgets and Use a variety of management software etc… At the end of my studies to offer my knowledge and the most appropriate recommendations which is a professional and civic concern with local and foreign suppliers and customers.

So, I find myself in the obligation to travel to do this study, especially as it will allow me in the short term to put all the achievements to the benefit of my employer by gaining a new position as Sales Department Manager. Upon my return, the Human Resources department, which had already shown sustained interest in my performance in terms of sales, promised me this promotion after obtaining my diploma according to the Funding/Studies agreement that we have jointly sign.

On a personal level, I proudly want to succeed in this program because the sacrifice will be worth it. Upon my return, I express the wish to be useful and efficient in my work and in the medium term to be an important resource as Commercial Director since my knowledge and my know-how in the field will be stronger and more in-depth.

On the contrary, I believe that these studies will improve my knowledge of business management and will allow me to develop new techniques and fully master my role as a manager and become a Sales Representative (Manager). So, obtaining this diploma is essential to get this new position that the company offered me after studies. My passion and my determination to succeed in a professional career are strong enough to adapt to different cultures to accept their difference and uniqueness.

Convinced of Canada’s interest in exchanges and culture between peoples, this is what made me choose this prestigious country. Moreover, the Cégep de Sherbrooke is one of the most prestigious French-speaking Cégep in Quebec, the notoriety of its diploma and the high level skills that this development program offers me every chance of having a better future in my country. ; where the newcomer trade industry is looking for expertise from advanced countries like Canada. However, being an international student, I am also aware of all the responsibilities inherent in this application for admission. Regarding the financing of my studies, it is important that I point out to your attention that for Tuition fees, an amount of Thirteen thousand two hundred and forty-two Canadian dollars and 00/100 ($CAD 13,242.00) that I have already paid in full to the Cégep de Sherbrooke, i.e. 100% of the cost of the first year (see Letter – certificate from the Cégep, the cash receipts for the amounts already paid, this was for the winter 2022 session and postponed for the fall 2022 session and winter 2023). The other two remaining years will be financially at my expense and I have already made my choice of courses on the OMNIVOX Platform of the Cégep de Sherbrooke (attached to the Fall 2022 Course Progression Grid).

My employer XXXX, grants me a donation of Ten thousand US dollars and 00/100 ($USD 10,000.00) representing partial funding distributed as follows: In the fall 2022 session a first installment of Five thousand US dollars and 00/100 ($ USD 5,000.00), (attached deposit copy of check XXXX, on my Sogebank dollar account) will be transferred to my account and at the start of the winter 2023 session I will have the second installment. Added to this, during my study leave I will keep my Employee status and will continue to receive my monthly salary as support until the end of my studies (cf. Explanatory letter given by XXXX, Training leave letter / Allocation of financial support for studies, Temporary Reengagement Contract signed with my employer).

In addition, my cousin Mr. XXX assumes responsibility for paying the Living Expenses for the entire duration of the training and all other related expenses (private health insurance and hospitalization, round-trip airfare, etc.) and decides to provide me with everything I will need on Canadian soil for my training and has made a formal commitment to provide for my needs throughout my journey at Cégep de Sherbrooke.

At the level of documents related to financial evidence you will find:

Two Sogebank Certificates in my name, a dollar USD savings account balance of Thirty-four thousand five hundred and sixty-seven dollars74/100 ($USD 34,567.74) and a gourde HTG savings account balance of one amount of One million seven hundred and seventy-three thousand one hundred and forty-nine gourdes and 61/100 (HTG 1,773,149.61).
A Letter of financial support given by my employer XXXX, in the amount of Ten thousand US dollars and 00/100 ($USD 10,000.00).
A notarized AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT of my movable and immovable property owned by me, totaling an amount of Eighty-eight thousand five hundred US dollars and 00/100 ($USD 88,500.00) (cf. Plan and Minutes of Survey located at XXXX and Toyota model RAV4 and Lexus model RX300 vehicle registration cards).
A certificate of balance of the National Credit Bank (BNC) Savings Account of XXXX in the amount of Thirty thousand eight US dollars and 29/100 ($USD 30,008.29).
The various cash receipts given by the Cégep were for the Winter 2022 session which will be postponed for the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 sessions.
Confirmation of registration and invoicing (Copy of invoice already paid on the OMNIVOX Platform which will be postponed for the fall 2022 session.)
The signed confirmation commitment for my study leave with my employer.

Finally, I assure you that I will respect all Canadian immigration laws and my commitments to the Canadian Government in order to maintain my student status. At the end of my technical studies at Cégep de Sherbrooke, being better equipped to provide adequate expertise to XXXX. I am committed to returning to Haiti, regaining my job while contributing to staff capacity building.

Remaining at your disposal for any additional information relating to my file, please receive, Madam, Sir Consular Agent, my best regards and my thanks in advance.


(+509) XXX XXX / XXX XXX

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