Explanatory letter – Canada study permit application

Explanatory letter – Canada study permit application

In this article I present to you a model of explanatory letter given by an Enloja subscriber, whose request was approved on May 12, 2022. In this article I also list the documents he provided when submitting his Canada student visa application.

Processing time: April 6 to May 12, 2022 (about 35 days)

Documents sent

  • Explanatory letter
  • Bank certificate personal bank account (aprox: 27,000 USD)
  • Bank statement last 6 months
  • Bank certificate from the guarantor (aprox: 19,000 USD)
  • Work certificate
  • Diplomas



Port-au-Prince, March 21, 2022

Attention: Visa office

Canadian Embassy in Haiti

Subject: Explanatory letter – Application for a study permit


I am pleased to submit an application for a study permit following my admission to the New Brunswick Community College (CCNB) in the Supply Chain Management program which will begin on September 6, 2022 and end on September 19. June 2024.

Haitian citizen and resident, after a study in Accounting, in 2013 I joined the (name of the institution, at the position of XXXXXX. XXXXXX years later, I had a promotion to the position of XXXXXXX in the Department XXXX. Until here, my experiences have always been centered on a global vision of administrative functioning, accounting operations and customer management. (The name of the institution) was recently able to carry out an assessment of professional skills and I was able to refocus on my objectives and motivations.Having taken additional online training in management, economics, credit risk, marketing and management, the results of the annual evaluation were positive and rewarded with a performance bonus. I therefore have the skills required to hold a position in the Supply & Logistics Department xxxxx (the name of the institution) A position that perfectly matches my profile and my … (XXX) years of experiences. Organized, responsive, good interpersonal skills, methodical and responsible. I am convinced that I can contribute to the development of this department by putting in place ways to increase sales, infiltrate new markets, and strengthen differentiation. Hence my choice for this training in Supply Chain Management, and I also think that Haiti needs more framework in this area given the shortage of labor and the many endless crises facing the country.

Haiti, unfortunately, does not have a management plan that will overall help it better prepare for another pandemic like COVID-19 or natural disasters. We can remember the earthquake of January 12, 2010 and that of August 14, 2021 which devastated the South of the country and not to mention the shortage of oil supply which occurs almost every two or three months. However, an efficient and well-defined supply chain can help a country or an institution to recover.

Unfortunately, there is no standard framework in Haitian institutions that can predict what strategies local businesses should put in place to organize their supply chains while using new technologies such as the network of digital procurement.

Our universities and professional schools do not have training in Supply Chain Management or training on technological advances related to supply chain or inventory management. Faced with this situation, I have no other choice but to turn to the international stage.

The New Brunswick Community College (CCNB) is indeed among the best schools in Canada, offering several programs in several fields and making student success a priority. As a bonus of working with highly qualified teachers, the Canadian diploma is recognized internationally. The province of New Brunswick is a multicultural place where people are respected and cared for. Urban centers and small communities are welcoming to newcomers and provide a safe and peaceful environment. It is the province that offers the possibility and an exceptional quality of life to begin studies.

This training would allow me to acquire skills related to inventory management, to develop knowledge of activities related to supply and warehousing, to learn how to negotiate calls for tenders and to understand the functioning of some advanced technologies related to this field. Obtaining this diploma would allow me to begin my career change (the name of the institution). Everything I will need to improve the prospects for advancement within (the name of the institution) or any other company in Haiti. It will give me more credibility by raising awareness among young people in the country to understand the importance of Supply Chain Management within companies as well as in the country.

As a follow-up to my study project, I would like to inform you, Madam / Sir, immigration officer, I am the beneficiary of a scholarship of 1,000 CAD granted by the recruitment program applicable directly on the rights of tuition and an internship of less than two (2) months during my training. Regarding the fees for my studies, they amount to 18,928 CAD and the living expenses which amount to 15,000 CAD which gives a total amount of 33,928 CAD.

XXXXXXX, my guarantor will support me with an amount of CAD XXXXX for living expenses for one year.

In the financial evidence, you will find:

  1. My bank certificates with an amount of XXXX USD equal to XXXX CAD, another amount of GDES XXXX equal to XXXX CAD totaling XXXX USD equal to XXX CAD issued by the BNC, the transactions of the last 6 months, a work letter, as well as than an annual performance letter.
  2. The bank certificate from my guarantor with an amount of GDES XXXXX equal to XXXXX CAD and XXXXX USD, i.e. XXXXX CAD totaling XXXX CAD issued by UNIBANK.

Finally, I fully understand my commitment, as a foreign student, to respect the conditions of my study permit and to leave Canada at the end of the obtaining of my diploma or under the request of Canadian immigration.

Pending a favorable response, please accept, Madam, Sir, with my thanks in advance, the expression of my best regards.


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